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Anonymous: Val knows about brotherly love, but he sure doesn't know about sisterly love


he started off cautious and then ended with zero fucks

I think every girl wants to be Val’s muse 😍😍

It just so happens that it’s z

Anonymous: I don't believe val and z have a bro/sis relationship but their relationship overall confuses me I honestly thought we would be hearing the last of the big bro little sis thing when she turned 18 but I guess I was wrong

I don’t think any of us can define their relationship. I mean it’s not like he won’t say the word “sister” ever again when she turns 18. “Sister” is just a word (maybe even a cover up) who knows.:P I see an opportunity of something being more than bro/sis

Anonymous: Trust me I wanted them to be together maybe in the future but them using the term bro/sis. I'm starting to believe them I believe her when she says Trev is just her bff. So from now on I will see them as just that bro/sis.

Aww oh wells..
I’m sorry you don’t believe that they can be more than bro/sis.

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The muse behind some of the greatest performances of my life.
My Shining light
To the Moon and Back-Val
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Val please ✋